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Swiss Diamond® is one of the world's leading cookware brands and belongs to the Swiss Gourmet Group AG. Our cookware is being manufactured in our company's factory in the city of Sierre, in the heart of the Swiss Alps. It features a patented diamond reinforced non-stick cooking surface using real diamond crystals which are embedded in a high quality non-stick component. This new, revolutionary non-stick cooking surface makes for easy and effortless clean-up plus, will not peel, crack or blister.

Even if you use metal utensils. The nonstick contains no PFOA and will keep its nonstick abilities even if cleaned in a dishwasher allthough we recommend to simply clean our cookware with a dry cloth or a wet cloth and a little soap water. Swiss Diamond products are built to last a lifetime, are made with pride in Switzerland under the highest quality controls and have a very good energy efficiency: Most of the electricity used in the manufacturing of Swiss Diamond® cookware comes from eco-friendly hydro-electric power plants.

Swiss Diamond® products are avaliable in 37 countries worldwide. Our product range contains standard and induction products: frypans, pots, roasters, woks and many other innovative kitchen products. Check out all our products at the products page of our website.


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